A passion for quality kitchen air and innovation

When Spring Air Systems president and founder Thomas Mills or any of our technical staff visit a restaurant, the first thing they notice is the air quality. They know that without fresh, clean air commercial kitchens couldn’t function properly and their patrons wouldn’t have an enjoyable experience. This passion for quality kitchen enviroments and an obsession with innovation drove Thomas to form Spring Air Systems in 1988. He felt engineering was all about making things better and coming up with new ideas. Especially when it came to more energy-efficient ventilation that led to cost savings.


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Our first energy-efficient products

Spring Air started out as a manufacturer of kitchen exhaust hoods. The KES exhaust filtration system, introduced in 1989, launched our reputation for innovation. It enabled air to be exhausted at low heights, significantly reducing ductwork requirements and installation costs. The revolutionary RevLow exhaust hood, often called the “backward” hood, came a few years later. While testing a ductless hood, our engineers noticed it performed better when installed backward, extracting air from the front as opposed to the back. Using natural convection and adjustable baffles to increase air capture efficiency, it dramatically reduced exhaust air and energy consumption. More unique, energy-saving products followed as time passed, including the TruFlow controller, DynaFlow exhaust hood and ZoneFlow demand-controlled ventilation system.

Complete systems and sound advice

As we grew our business across Canada and the United States, our clients kept demanding a wider range of energy saving products. Today, Spring Air offers complete ventilation systems along with individual components, all known for their precision engineering and high quality construction. They can be found in a wide range of settings – from fine dining venues with open kitchens and chain restaurants, to food courts, cafeterias and institutional kitchens. On top of that, we provide sound, knowledgeable advice acquired through many years of experience, responsive support and a commitment to successfully completing projects on time and budget.