Instant access to complete project information

The construction and installation of a commercial kitchen ventilation system typically revolves around information – lots of it, much of it technical in nature. Without effective organization and management of all this information, communication can easily break down, projects can spiral downward and costs upward, and deliverables can be negatively impacted. At Spring Air Systems we realized this early on and became meticulous in the documentation and management of project information.

Spring Air Quote and Spec (SQS)

In 2003 we introduced a collaborative, online project management tool called Spring Air Quote and Spec (SQS), which we’ve been diligently enhancing ever since. SQS is available to all our clients, regardless of the size of their installation. It’s simple to install and use, and offers instant access to a wide range of current project information:

  • Project requirements
  • Engineering data
  • Product specifications and quotations
  • Technical drawings
  • Collaborative notes
  • Purchase orders
  • Product shipping dates
  • Progress reports
  • Commissioning dates
  • Warranty periods
  • Billing information

Bringing innovation to our clients

Our SQS system is updated daily by our production and logistics staff. We’re proud to say we’re the only commercial kitchen ventilation company in North America that offers this type of tool. We see it as one more way of bringing innovation to our clients and making it easier for them to create an exceptional environment for kitchen staff and customers in an energy-efficient manner.