Enjoy the advantages of a demand-controlled ventilation system

Food, labour and energy costs are generally the top variable expenses of any food service establishment. But cutting costs in the first two areas is a dicey proposition, as it can negatively impact the dining experience. That leaves energy costs. It doesn’t mean dimming the lights or cooking over an open fire, but rather focusing on an area that consumes a surprising amount of energy costs – kitchen ventilation. In a typical commercial kitchen, the ventilation system operates between 12 to 18 hours daily, blowing a lot of wasted energy dollars through the roof each year.

12 - 18 HOURS

avg. ventilation operating hours / day


by varying exhaust volume based on demand

Maximize energy efficiency and achieve cost savings

We offer the ideal solution – demand-controlled ventilation systems that maximize energy efficiency and achieve cost savings. What makes our systems unique is their advanced monitoring and visual display capabilities. They show your exact energy consumption and savings at any given time and indicate whether energy savings goals are being met. They also enable you to precisely tailor exhaust air levels to the kitchen appliances in use. This minimizes fan operating times while reducing the amount of conditioned supply air needed. Another advantage is that all the components are designed to work in tandem with each another, allowing for easier installation, commissioning and service.

Custom-designed to meet your unique requirements

Spring Air is one of the few companies in North America that produces a wide range of demand-controlled ventilation systems for any type of commercial kitchen environment. They’re all custom-designed to meet your kitchen size, appliance line-up, location requirements and budget. They offer substantial savings in four main areas:

  • Less energy to operate electric motors used in ventilation systems
  • Lower electricity and natural gas costs to heat and cool supply air
  • Reduced wear and tear on equipment due to a reduction in operating times
  • The ability to use smaller, less expensive exhaust and supply air units


If you’re considering an energy-efficient ventilation system for your kitchen, we’d be pleased to provide you with a free, no obligation energy savings report based on your kitchen’s unique needs. Simply call us at 1.866.874.4505 or click here