The Edible Story - A Show Case Kitchen

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Show Case kitchens allow chefs and their staff to demonstrate the skill, technique, and effort that go into the meals their guests enjoy. They also present unique challenges for kitchen ventilation systems due to the more dynamic environment and need for an aesthetically pleasing presentation. Read on to see how Spring Air Systems helped to bring chef and owner Alanna Fleischer’s vision into reality. 

For classically trained Chef Alanna Fleischer, food has always been a calling. She has studied the Culinary Arts and plied her craft in kitchens across North America and Europe. Her favourite food experiences have always been social ones, shared with close friends and family. Her latest venture sees her passion for food paired with a love of entertaining and leverages her skills as a chef, caterer, and host to create unique dining experiences for those lucky enough to attend events booked there.

At The Edible Story, adventure waits every time you step through the door of this epicurean experience located in the heart of Toronto. Specializing in cooking classes, corporate events, and intimate personal gatherings, the team at The Edible Story in Toronto eagerly work to ensure a great experience from start to finish. Events can range from bridal and baby showers to all out corporate gatherings and public relations events. Alanna even has a group of clients that gather regularly to enjoy high-end whiskies and the food she crafts to pair with the unique pallet. Clients rave about the quality of the food and love that menus are tailored to their unique tastes and event themes.

Alanna is planning on opening her location at 320 Richmond Street for lunch in the coming months, noting that the area lacks certain dining options. She’ll be targeting a warm, casual feel and will be serving a menu of crowd favorites sure to be a welcome addition to the lunch routines of area patrons. 

Products Installed:

• DynaFlow MB Hoods – DynaFlow exhaust hoods reduce energy costs by controlling and minimizing air flow to different kitchen areas, creating a more comfortable environment for kitchen staff. It delivers fresh air to targeted appliances, while directing it away from cooking and plating areas.
• KES Exhaust Filtration System – the Spring Air KES exhaust filtration system is a great solution for difficult ventilation installations. By filtering grease and smoke particulate it allows air to be exhausted at street level. The system enables commercial kitchens to be built in high-rise towers without the need for costly ductwork to the roof.
• KES Exhaust Filtration System Controller (RPD KD) – This controller is geared towards smaller kitchens, working in tandem with the KES System to monitor filter status and maximize filter life using MaxFlow pressure sensor technology.