Maximizing Margins on Prepared Food

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Prepared foods are rising stars when it comes to growing revenues at grocery stores and markets. However, those who are unaccustomed to operating a commercial kitchen need to keep energy costs in mind when designing and installing equipment. 

It’s no secret – Grocery Stores and Deli’s across North America are having great success increasing revenue and margins in their business selling more prepared food. In exchange for saving some prep, cooking, or clean-up time, consumers are more than willing to part with a few extra dollars. Following this trend, we’re seeing commercial kitchens pop-up again and again in places where they normally weren’t seen twenty years ago.

With the increased revenue and margins associated with prepared foods, it’s easy to overlook the potential savings that a highly efficient Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System can bring to such operations. The rigorous scheduling and frequent placement of these kitchens in mixed use buildings makes them ideal candidates for Demand Controlled and conditioned exhaust systems such as those made by Spring Air Systems.

Our TruFlow line of demand controlled ventilation systems gives you the flexibility of scheduling your ventilation demands in addition to automatically raising and lowering air volumes depending on real-time needs – saving on energy consumption and minimizing unnecessary wear and tear on components running harder than they need to be. When paired with our KES systems, kitchen exhaust can often be vented out just above street level, saving valuable square footage for any floors above the kitchen and minimizing the cost of expensive and hard to clean duct runs. In addition, these systems generally require smaller motors and ducts than their non-demand controlled counterparts – reducing initial capital costs.

If you, or one of your customers / clients, are planning a commercial kitchen, please feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to put together a system that suits your unique application and help you out with any design or engineering questions you might have. We’ll make sure that all the effort you’re putting into increasing margins isn’t being lost on increased operating costs.