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Spring Air launches a new Logo to show our “True” Colours! 

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

OK – so maybe we haven’t really done any heavy lifting on this one, or the market research that could potentially go into changing something that’s been around for almost three decades. That said, we’re more than happy to show our support for the local boys in blue. After last night’s nail-biter of a game we’ve officially let our Blue Jays fever spill over into contagion. We’ve traded our energy saving green for a pretty hue of baseball blue. 

It’s great to see a city, province, and country united and electrified over a common interest. Since Spring Air was founded there have been five official Blue Jays logo changes. Before the company turned 5, the Jays had seemingly conquered it all, earning back-to-back titles as World Series Champions in ’92 and ’93. In all that time, Spring Air has never changed their logo – changing our tagline from “Solutions for Energy Savings” to “Engineering Energy Savings” was about as exciting as we’ve gotten. I’d further make some connections between this year’s Blue Jays and Spring Air Systems (Youth & Energy combined with great senior knowledge and leadership anyone?)… but perhaps we should see how this plays out.

I should probably clarify that we’re not actually changing our logo today, but rather showing an artistic rendering of it to support the 2015 Blue Jays. With any luck that statement will keep me out of too much hot water – both internally and externally. Personally, I think the blue looks pretty good, and the touch of red combines with the blue and white nicely.

Here’s to hoping there’s plenty to celebrate for Canada and the Blue Jays in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, maybe we can help make sure that you've got a bit of extra time to watch your favourite team. If you're working on a commercial Kitchen project - just send it through to us, we'll put together a complete kitchen ventilation system complete with drawings, specifications, and a quote. That means you can give your clients an engineered solution that provides energy savings at a capital cost everyone can be happy about - all without any effort on your part.